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4 things you should know about Drupal

While for those of us in the know, the benefits offered by developing your website on the platform are many and varied, for the newcomer, Drupal can be a bit overwhelming. In this blog I would like to highlight four of the features of the Drupal content management system that I believe are important to consider as you make a decision on the choice of which web platform to use on your new web development project.

Drupal Is Mobile Friendly

We all know that the use of mobile devices on the web i increasing at a terrific rate, this is a given. Knowing that a growing number of your users will be using a smart mobile device to navigate the web, your new website development needs to accommodate this.

Good News! Drupal is an excellent platform for mobile devices. At Koda (and other quality Drupal development agencies) responsive themes are the norm when a new site is delivered. Content remains the same, we just adjust the way it is displayed based on the device being used.The Drupal development community has and continues to develop modules that maximise the browsing experience on mobile devices.

Being a database driven CMS, even the administrator dashboard (the backend of Drupal) can be themed responsively, allowing webmasters and site owners to update content from any where!

Drupal can Integrate with CRM's easily

The use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools are becoming more and more widely used in business today. CRM's are used to make efficient use of the data you collect about your customers. Efficient analysis allows you to develop strategies and campaigns to target specific features associated with groups of customers.

The data used in the CRM will come from a number of different sources, a key source is your website, user and visitor data is captured in a number of different ways on your website, data like:

  • Customer contact details:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Phone Number
    • Location information
  • Purchase information
    • Data collected as part of the online shopping experience
      • Products
      • Value of order
  • Poll responses
    • Information captured in response to online polls and questionnaires

This data would be useful in your CRM, the good news is that Drupal integrates effectively with a wide range of CRM's, their are modules available for the larger global CRM's like Salesforce, and Dynamics, while custom integration with local CRM's is easily using the Drupal suite of API's and those offered by your CRM

The Flexibility of Content Types

Drupal provides a flexible method of creating containers for your common data on the website, it is called the Content Construction Kit (CCK) and allows us to create content types for any number of objects used on your website like:

  • Products (sharing common attributes)
  • Profiles (with common attributes)
  • Events (sharing common features like name, location, date/time, Description and images)

CCK allows you to take control of your website, ensuring content is added in a consistent manner and then displayed as you like on the website.


Drupal is great for SEO

Responsive Koda Web Website

Drupal's architecture takes full advantage of modern Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requirements, out of the box it offers features like:

  • Custom URL's - these can be constructed the way you want - fully customisable
  • Alt tags can be associated with images as they are uploaded
  • Tags are fully controlled within the text editors

In addition there are a number of modules available that allow full control of meta data used within the site, at Koda we implement the metatag module as it offers significant control over meta data.

So there you have it a brief introduction to four key features of the Drupal platform. If you'd like to learn more explore our site, or contact the team at Koda and one of our consultants will arrange a time to discuss any questions you may have about the Drupal platform.

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