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Drupal South 2017

The Koda team had a great time at the Drupal South 2017 Conference in Auckland last week. Understandably they learnt extensive amounts in the short time frame (too much to write in a short blog)

New Anzor website goes live!

Anzor by Koda Web

The new Anzor Fasteners website is live!

The Koda Web Design team are proud to have delivered the new online project for the Anzor team.

Cutting Edge

The website is a culmination of the efforts of a large project team, involving the Koda web design and development team, our app development team as well as other project partners involved with Exonet integration and Design refinements.

Top Web Design Mistakes

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: your website must be responsive! More and more evidence is pointing towards a shift in consumer behaviour towards mobile and tablets being the most used device for surfing the web

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