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Benefits of a System Monitor

System monitoring, specifically web and server monitoring, allows businesses to have real-time 24/7 tracking of their IT environments. 

Being able to constantly check the health of your servers or websites at the click of a button has many benefits. With easy deployment and very little effort needed to set up these monitoring systems, it is a sound investment for any company that runs IT infrastructure (isn't that all of us!) the customized monitoring tool can help prevent problems that can have a negative impact on your business, identifying potential pressure points in your server or website environments before they become an issue, allowing for your IT staff to focus on what truly matters. 

An example of a system monitoring tool that we found to be very useful is System Monita, which provides an integrated monitoring solution for both website and server environments. Although simple and easy to use, it is very easily customized, allowing you to monitor your environments most effectively to suit your needs. 



Key features of the System Monita monitoring solution are:

  • Web based software as a service solution, access your dashboard from anywhere in the world
  • Affordable - a range of plans to suit your business and budget
    • Offering free plans and free 30 day trials for fully functional plans
  • Provides ability to configure parameters and notifications allowing you to customize the alerts that are raised
  • Monita have developed a unique tagging system that allows you to group entities together within the environment, allowing you to associate, websites, servers, users, parameters and notifications with each other as you wish

The dashboard provides a heart beat view of your environments, great for management, while the tool provides the ability to drill down on entities to review more granular, historical data and trends.

There are a number of server and website monitoring solutions available, we have trialed a few. We think that System Monita offers the features you need to deliver a robust infrastructure environment to your stakeholders.

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