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"Quick and easy process from start to finish.  The team at Koda listened to us and delivered a website that met our brand guidelines and exceeded our expectations.  We are really happy with the result."

"The team at Kodaweb were exceptional. They listened to what we needed and were very responsive throughout the development process integrating our additional needs seamlessly as the project progressed. We are delighted that we chose Kodaweb to design our new school website." 

"I would like to thank the Koda web team and especially Simon Jones for his caring and professional approach when redeveloping our business website."

"We wanted to replace our website with a new, modern, hassle free, mobile friendly site that we could easily manage ourselves and wouldn’t cost the earth."

" Koda Web acted as a real partner, not only through to the launch of our website but in the following months and they continue to do so. "

" During the design and development process they translated all the “tech speak” into information we could understand and made the process as pain-free as possible! "

" Working alongside Koda on various projects was both easy and seamless, making the whole experience enjoyable! Koda are understanding, patient and know their clients "

"We are live! Check out our new website. Thanks to Koda Web for your amazing work and being so easy to deal with"

"The crew is super easy to deal with throughout the whole process and delivered everything as they said they would. If you're after a website of any sort I wouldn’t hesitate to use these guys they kick ass!" - D. Watkins. Reel Factory

Predicted Tech Trends for 2016

Here are some of our technology predictions the team at Koda Web have for next year:

Virtual Reality

We’ve seen prototypes but it yet to be a market seller but in 2016 that could change. With the new Oculus Rift being released to the public at the start of the year it will likely send shockwaves throughout the tech world, especially the gaming world and start a trend of new virtual reality technology.

Paying with your Phone

First, we made the need for cash and coins redundant, now we don’t even need our cards to pay for things! While this is already a reality with many smartphones, 2016 may be the year that it takes off as many more retail stores, supermarkets and restaurants install tap and go and the majority of phone users own smart phones with pay capabilities.

Robotic Assistants

While the movies of the 70s and 80s predicted robots to be common place by now, they’ll be disappointed to know we haven’t come that far yet. However, we do already have a few robots that help us with everyday tasks, such as the Roomba or the outdoor equivalent, the Robomow, but what is beginning to emerge is a trend in human-like robots, who will be able to not only assist in day-to-day life but will also be your friend.

Wearable Technology

Wearable tech was meant to be a big thing in 2015 but with Google Glasses completely flopping and the Apple iWatch underselling, it was not meant to be. Next year, however, a whole range of new and improved gadgets will see wearable technology take off and it won’t be just for personal use but as a tool for assisting with day-to-day business.

First Self-Driving Cars on the Road      

While this may not be in New Zealand, places like the US and Japan, two of the tech capitals of the world, are currently drafting its laws around autonomous vehicles. With GM launching its first hands-free car to the public in California and a venture company releasing a Robot Taxi in Tokyo, next year we will most likely see the first commercial use of self-driving cars.  

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