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Protect Your Website Database

Protect your Database

Databases are probably the most important components of all Information Tech stacks.

They are the containers that hold all data relevant and related to a specific software application, be this a standalone application, a website, or a utility software solution. So they hold all related data about your products, customers, finances, marketing or personal activities.

As a result they are the most important components of your infrastructure.


Given their importance, and the fact that so much of a modern business relies on them, do you take steps to ensure the integrity of your database environment and ensure its protection?

For most business’s I believe the answer is no.

Of course we can say with a broad sweeping statement that we back up our environments and that for some advanced users we have a disaster recovery plan in place, however for most, the database, this central component to our whole business is neglected.

To be fair in some cases losing your database of customer information for some businesses may not be an issue. Perhaps you can recreate the data from emails and documents – if you’re lucky!

Website Database          

Most modern content management systems, including proprietary environments have at their heart a database.

The complexity and importance of the database relates directly to the function and importance of the website.

  • A simple brochure website will have a fairly small database that contains configuration settings and perhaps customer contact information
  • An eCommerce website will hold significantly more information related to orders, sales information, product information, shipping information etc.

It is surprising how many webmasters and website administrators are prepared to cut corners when it comes to protecting this business asset.

Website Hosting options             

Hosting options are varied, and they are not all equal, it is interesting how hosting costs are seen as an unnecessary cost when developing a new website, and very much price driven. My comment on this is that you get what you pay for.

At Koda for instance, our hosting plans include full database backup both onsite (within the data centre) and offsite (in an offsite location), this ensures that should the worst happen and your website is compromised, we have two mechanisms for recovery.

At the very least when you are reviewing your hosting options make sure you understand how your database (and website file system for that matter) are going to be protected. A little time spent understanding and getting this right could save you a heap of grief later.

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