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Short Time High Quality - Social Club Team Building

It has been a busy start to the year, for the team here at Koda, we try to ensure we have balance between work and play, taking the time to get together doing social or team building activities, that especially take advantage of the summer evenings outdoors.

Here at Koda we spend much time inside building systems to help other businesses and teams become more efficient, and when it comes to us needing some time out and team building, we like (need)  to get outdoors.

As mentioned in another of our blogs , we often are impressed by other operations and IT systems that allow people (us) make the most of our short summer evening away from work. Understandably these operations are very different from our software and digital developments, yet are often supported by technology solutions 

One outdoor team building option that is most requested by the Koda team is taking a charter boat and going out into the Hauraki Gulf fishing. As we had been before the choice to go on the same boat was easy as the charter's systems provide an efficient quick high quality result in a short time.

However this time there were many different variables, with a warm overcast evening, light breeze and very warm waters, in contrast to other times of picture perfect, glassy conditions with beaming sun. The question was would all these variables change things? As anticipated the result was awesome, with every one going home rewarded, a good system, a good result, in a short time.

The main learning from this is that there is a lot of good software technology behind this operation to guarantee success, fish finders, screens, radar, digital maps, GPS and compass, plus dashboards monitoring everything the boat and engine provides. Quality design and software systems behind efficient operations, the same outcome Koda aims to provide for each of our clients.

We will let the photos tell the rest of the story.

(And please contact us if you wish to know which charter it is).


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