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Today's Most Used Web Browsers


Web browsers are the door to the internet. Without a web browser, functionality associated with the internet would be severly compromised. The first web browser came about in 1990 from a company named World Wide Web Consortium. At this point, the internet wasn't well known as the household computer hadn't taken off yet. It was only in 1995 when Microsoft brought in Internet Explorer that the internet really took off. 

Nowadays there are around 110 different web browsing platforms. But of course, the majority of them are unheard of. Below we've outlined the top 4 most used web browsers in 2019:


1. Google Chrome

Released in 2008, Google Chrome is now the worlds most used web browsing platform by a mile. Google Chrome accounts for 60% of all web browser users. 


2. Internet Explorer

Once the juggernaut of all web browsers, Internet Explorer slowly fell past Google Chrome in popularity. Although there is a community of 13% of internet explorer users, it is no longer comparable to Google Chrome.


3. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox first released in 2002 and was always one of the big players going up against Internet Explorer. Although just like Internet Explorer, Firefox was humbled by Google Chrome.


4.  Safari

Safari was developed by Apple in 2003. Safari didn't gain a lot of attraction up until the iPhone was released. Every iPhone had Safari built into them, meaning millions would be using it. For a period of time, it looked like the next big thing but again couldn't overcome Google Chrome. 

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