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"The team at Kodaweb were exceptional. They listened to what we needed and were very responsive throughout the development process integrating our additional needs seamlessly as the project progressed. We are delighted that we chose Kodaweb to design our new school website." 

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"The crew is super easy to deal with throughout the whole process and delivered everything as they said they would. If you're after a website of any sort I wouldn’t hesitate to use these guys they kick ass!" - D. Watkins. Reel Factory

"Quick and easy process from start to finish.  The team at Koda listened to us and delivered a website that met our brand guidelines and exceeded our expectations.  We are really happy with the result."

" Koda Web acted as a real partner, not only through to the launch of our website but in the following months and they continue to do so. "

" During the design and development process they translated all the “tech speak” into information we could understand and made the process as pain-free as possible! "

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Website Security

Koda Web Development - Auckland

Ebola is an infectious disease identified by fever and severe internal bleeding, it is spread through contact with body fluids of an infected person. It is currently spreading quickly through West Africa, the World Health Organisation is struggling to contain it.

In much the same way as Ebola has an effect on the living, software viruses have a similar effect on our computing infrastructure.

Smart Phone Friendly Design

Smart Phone Friendly Design Is Essential For Any Website

Apple recently announced the release of the new Apple iPhone 6 and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, if past experience is anything to go by there will be another spike in mobile device usage on the web once they are released in late September (United States). With the continued increase in the number of Smart devices used to browse and purchase product on the internet, and with the increase in the use of Responsive themes to tailor content for the web.

4 things you should know about Drupal

Drupal Is Great For Google Rankings

While for those of us in the know, the benefits offered by developing your website on the platform are many and varied, for the newcomer, Drupal can be a bit overwhelming. In this blog I would like to highlight four of the features of the Drupal content management system that I believe are important to consider as you make a decision on the choice of which web platform to use on your new web development project.

B2B Integrated Portals and EDI
Tuesday, 5 July 2022 - 12:00am
During discussions with a group of wholesalers at an event recently we found that improvements to B2B systems are often delayed as a business grows. Digging a little deeper we found many mentioned it is a constant balancing act for many businesses and so they often only utilise the bare minimum of email to interact with Stockists.
Digital Evolution VR Integrated Technology LMS
Tuesday, 29 March 2022 - 10:18am
For many IT and Marketing teams the last couple of years created major web technology changes, especially where it is necessary to evolve their online systems and software to improve real time information, so what is evolving in 2022. The Digital Evolution: Three areas.
Thursday, 9 December 2021 - 4:33pm
We love working with our customers to simplify the way their company operates. The business advantage offered by integration between your website and other systems and services can be significant. 
Friday, 3 December 2021 - 12:55pm
With the end of Term Four quickly approaching, many schools are beginning to wind down in preparation for the summer break. Here at Koda, we feel this is the perfect time to reassess your school's current website and give it a bit of sprucing up in time for Term One!
Wednesday, 28 July 2021 - 4:52pm
Designing your website is a crucial part of any development, that's why it's important to keep tabs and make sure you're heading in the right direction. 
Content is King
Wednesday, 14 July 2021 - 9:58am
When Bill Gates first coined the phrase "Content is King" back in 1996, he was definitely onto something.
Business Catalyst End of Life
Sunday, 27 June 2021 - 3:52pm
Business Catalyst EOL confirmed...again!  Adobe has once again confirmed an EOL for their popular Business Catalyst platform
Tuesday, 22 June 2021 - 5:25pm
Google My Business profiles are used by thousands of companies around the world, and for good reason
Tuesday, 4 May 2021 - 10:44am
Providing fast access to online content continues to be key focus area for professionals operating within the digital space. ReactJS, NodeJS, and Decoupled Drupal
Friday, 5 March 2021 - 6:09pm
With so much technology out there, it is hard to keep up with the changes. The thing we notice the most
Wednesday, 3 March 2021 - 6:56pm
Sometimes improving your website can be far more simple than it sounds. Complex enhancements don't always need to be involved
Technical Product Details Displayed and eCommerce Technology
Monday, 9 November 2020 - 12:06pm
Recently we noticed some small businesses making a shift with their online content strategy that was long overdue. Orginally the reason a business built a website was to simply replace the telephone book ads that listed their industry type and contact details. For many businesses websites were just bullet point notes, however many soon realised having more information and content for Google to crawl was beneficial.
Archie Search Engine
Monday, 7 September 2020 - 5:56pm
On the 10th September 1990 a software tool for indexing archives was created, called Archie, it was the first version of a functioning search engine.  
Mega Menu eCommerce
Monday, 20 July 2020 - 12:29pm
In todays' world of exploring everything through screens, we are finding that some aspects of online technology are still being taken for granted. One specific application, Mega Menus, offers high quality useability and mega navigation (mega nav) for sites with many products and links. From recent conversations with a group of business owners, it was interesting to find their comfort zone was to request what they knew from their first web developments, not realising they were already familair with new technology that could benefit users on their sites. 
Web Applications
Tuesday, 9 June 2020 - 12:20pm
With the recent changes to the ways in which we work, particularly with the move to remote working, many businesses were left feeling unprepared. This resulted in a struggle to effectively deliver the same level of service and interaction that was previously possible. These businesses often experienced difficulty in effectively co-ordinating information and data, and as a result found the need for online forms and central communication portals (extranets).
Friday, 8 May 2020 - 9:25am
Customers and staff are getting very familiar with Click and Collect ecommerce and many businesses may find that the demand could stay longer than expected.   With restrictions associated with the recent Covid-19 pandemic in place around how companies can operate, retail and wholesale businesses now need to get their Click and Collect operations running smoothly.  
Koda - How We Work Remote
Thursday, 16 April 2020 - 10:34am
Now in the second quarter of these uncertain times, we are finding that many businesses are asking us how we are getting on with the lockdown,
Small eCommerce Orders
Tuesday, 24 March 2020 - 12:30pm
When logistic systems change very quickly it is easy to see where technology has maximum effect. ECommerce and ordering systems are especially of use for small orders or regular purchases, pickups and delivery’s. Many businesses see eCommerce as huge systems with product galleries and responsive product layout grids adding cross selling items, price specials, integrated accounting system and freight calculations, (yes we provide these too).
Drupals Positive Impression
Wednesday, 4 March 2020 - 12:41pm
To ensure Drupal continues to offer the best platform for web design and web development, Drupal's parent company Aquilia conducted a series of surveys prior to their conference late last year. Not many people know too much about Drupal’s history and key differentiators,
Thursday, 30 January 2020 - 4:07pm
With internet speeds no longer constraining the web design process, more and more businesses are turning to video backgrounds on their website for high impact first impressions for site visitors.
Infographic Drupal Heavy Traffic Best
Monday, 25 November 2019 - 11:14am
Extra Seasonal Traffic and Promotional campaigns are testing businesses digital technology and ecommerce performance more than ever.
Tuesday, 12 November 2019 - 10:47am
The Adobe Flash Player was once the leading programme for animated web displays, videos and games, although Adobe provided an end of life notice for 2020
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Tuesday, 9 July 2019 - 11:14am
Quoted by the man himself, Albert Einstein: “What is best is not always popular and what is popular is not always best" still applies constantly in our everyday lives.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Monday, 8 July 2019 - 11:06am
You would think in 2019 everyone would be putting more time and effort into their website, but I can confidently say that this is not the case! This might come as a surprise...
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Sunday, 7 July 2019 - 1:15pm
Is your website set up for Gold and to compete with its peers or do you have a Jeffrey Julmis in the 2016 Olympics? It looked the part, it was a bit flash, a bit cocky but fell over at the first hurdle. Like an Olympic athlete, if your website is going for gold 
Drupal 8
Wednesday, 3 July 2019 - 3:57pm
Wordpress v Drupal, we read this so often. "Wordpress is so easy as it doesn't require technical knowledge, Drupal is not for beginners", Drupal 7 that was. With Drupal releasing version 8, all this has changed. For us, having clients come to us with experience from the so called "easy to use" systems can be a good thing, as most want to move up a level having learnt the limitations of basic systems.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Monday, 1 July 2019 - 1:06pm
If you have a business, you most likely have a website (if you don't, it's 2019 please Contact Us and let us help you!). Once you've got your website up and running, Google Analytics is pretty much a must-have for your business's sake. Having the platform can create extensive value for your business by understanding what customers are doing when on your site. As it is simple and fast to set up, there is no excuse not to have it. Below are 3 ways Google Analytics can benefit you.
Koda Web Development - Auckland - Successful website?
Wednesday, 12 June 2019 - 11:13am
Not every business is going to have the same needs for their website. Every business has different goals and requirements. Determining whether a website is good or not relies on a lot more than just a pretty picture and an eye-catching design. Although those definitely matter, there are other factors that need to be considered when designing a successful website. We've outlined five key elements to achieve this below:
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Thursday, 6 June 2019 - 11:51am
At first glance, finding a web company to work with in New Zealand, or more specifically Auckland, can seem like an easy task
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Tuesday, 7 May 2019 - 12:24pm
When it comes to starting and running a business, knowing who your target audience is, is one of the most important factors that you should be considering when making decisions. Knowing who to target can make or break your business. The three key components to consider when choosing your target audience are: Age group Gender Location  
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Friday, 3 May 2019 - 1:15pm
The internet has been the most revolutionary invention of the last 100 years. Not only do we use it on a daily basis, some people can't live without it. Now in 2019...
Web Browsers - Koda Technology
Thursday, 11 April 2019 - 12:23pm
Web browsers are the door to the internet. Without a web browser, functionality associated with the internet would be severly compromised.
Social Media - Koda Web Development
Thursday, 4 April 2019 - 12:09pm
If there's one thing that connects the world, its social media. If you want your business to make it anywhere, whether it's a local shop or a large corporate
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Thursday, 28 March 2019 - 2:23pm
It's 2019, your website should definitely have a secure SSL certificate if you are wanting to make an impact with your business in the online world! Too often these days when sites are visited and a large red warning box has appeared, not only does this push the visitor away, it is likely that they will never return.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Thursday, 28 March 2019 - 12:06pm
The advancement of technology appears to be accelerating at an uncontrollable rate, some would say it's scary. Incredible, innovative ideas seem to be popping up out of nowhere, making us wonder how there are still more things to invent! Below are our predictions for 2019:   1. Foldable Phones and Tablets
Koda Web Development
Friday, 22 March 2019 - 4:24pm
As our population continues to grow so does the number of companies, meaning more competition for your business. A key way to stay ahead of everyone else in the online space is to keep your SEO (search engine optimisation) on point! Below we've outlined 5 easy ways you can increase your SEO ranking.   1. Content, Content and More Content
Headless Drupal
Sunday, 24 February 2019 - 12:09pm
Headless Drupal (Also known as decoupled Drupal) is a relatively new approach to delivering websites that deliver an outstanding user experience, utilising a modern ReactJS framework the Koda team deliver exceptional solutions for their clients.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Sunday, 10 February 2019 - 12:14pm
With so many different web development software platforms available in the world, it's hard to know which ones are good and which ones are bad. Although there is no right or wrong when deciding, there are definitely some choices that are better than others. 
Thursday, 31 January 2019 - 4:20pm
In a world where online marketing is attracting larger audience engagement than traditional print based marketing, you need to be going all out on your website. To do this you need to have the basic necessities that modern websites are using to ensure your audience doesn't leave within 3 clicks
Universities using Drupal
Wednesday, 5 December 2018 - 10:37am
As Drupal is known as the most secure cms it's no surprise that the majority of universities globally including Ivy league and top European universities are using it. Would Harvard use a poor quality content Managment system?   10.  University of Chester                      
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Wednesday, 24 October 2018 - 11:29am
In early January 2000, two Belguim university students designed and developed an online communication system to speak between dorms.  This system is what we know today as Drupal, the worlds biggest and most reliable open source web content management system
Tuesday, 23 October 2018 - 3:05pm
The challenge for most business’s that engage a web design and Development Company to create their online presence is creating a solution that supports their business ethos, values and process Many web design agencies utilise templates to create a “New” web presence for a client, I use “New“ in inverted commas, these sites are not newly created, they are templated sites, copies of other sites delivering exactly the same functionality as each other.
Tuesday, 23 October 2018 - 11:01am
E-commerce continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in the online space. There are many different options that can make the purchasing decision complex. To help with your decision making this article identifies the key differences between a variety of platforms.   Different types of E-commerce platform It is important to recognise the two key types of e-commerce platforms. Selecting between these makes the following decisions easier to determine.
Monday, 8 October 2018 - 3:51pm
Custom website design and development is a concept that is often associated with higher costs when you consider the creation of your new online presence. 
Monday, 20 August 2018 - 3:52pm
Your website is one of the most important marketing and sales tools you have. It enables you to reach out, attract and convert customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re continuously finding ways to ensure your online efforts are worthwhile, in terms of time, money and return on your investment. One of the best methods to measure effectiveness is by monitoring your website’s conversion rate.
Monday, 28 May 2018 - 12:14pm
It has been a busy start to the year, for the team here at Koda, we try to ensure we have balance between work and play, taking the time to get together doing social or team building activities, that especially take advantage of the summer evenings outdoors. Here at Koda we spend much time inside building systems to help other businesses and teams become more efficient, and when it comes to us needing some time out and team building, we like (need)  to get outdoors.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 - 11:54am
The Koda team had a great time at the Drupal South 2017 Conference in Auckland last week. Understandably they learnt extensive amounts in the short time frame (too much to write in a short blog)
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 - 11:54am
As some of you may be aware, Google (with Chrome) Firefox, Edge and other browsers are making a concerted effort to ensure all websites are running under the HTTPS protocol.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Wednesday, 2 August 2017 - 2:25pm
AI (Artificial intelligence) has received a bad rep in the news recently and some would say "I told you so" (Mainly Elon Musk) 
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Friday, 3 June 2016 - 4:42pm
  Try and list off all the search engines you know....Google, Bing (if you're a Microsoft employee) Yahoo......errr......(Just let me Google some more) Dogpile, DucDuckGo etc etc One that is making waves with more intelligent searching is OMNITY, Omnity might have some anonymity in the Search Engine world but is claiming to be smarter than Google and reviewers are tending to agree!
Saturday, 2 April 2016 - 1:11pm
The new cable which is to be priced around $500 million has been announced and will bring extra connectivity and higher bandwidth
Web Design Auckland
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 - 8:38pm
Supporting local business is something we are passionate about. We are proud to be a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company.
Drupal 6 End of Life Announcement
Wednesday, 6 January 2016 - 4:56pm
The Drupal community has confirmed what many of us have known for some time, that Drupal 6 will no longer be supported from February 24th 2016.
Sunday, 20 December 2015 - 9:32am
Here are some of our technology predictions the team at Koda Web have for next year: Virtual Reality We’ve seen prototypes but it yet to be a market seller but in 2016 that could change. With the new Oculus Rift being released to the public at the start of the year it will likely send shockwaves throughout the tech world, especially the gaming world and start a trend of new virtual reality technology. Paying with your Phone
Wednesday, 16 December 2015 - 12:09pm
We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: your website must be responsive! More and more evidence is pointing towards a shift in consumer behaviour towards mobile and tablets being the most used device for surfing the web
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Friday, 27 November 2015 - 10:33am
Last week I wrote about the importance of branding, with online branding one of the key elements is content marketing. This is the act of crafting and communicating a key aspect of your company or a business message through a digital medium.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Tuesday, 17 November 2015 - 10:00am
A website makes an excellent focus point for the rest of a company’s branding and marketing efforts. A central point for all the aspects of a business can be presented through a website, from logo to corporate colours to mission statement. It is the best place to start if you’re considering rebranding or freshening up your brand.
Why Social Media Matters
Thursday, 5 November 2015 - 4:49pm
Social media is not only a cheap way to reach an online audience and market your business, it actually plays a vital role in search engine optimization. Google picks up your social media activity and uses that to determine your site's trustworthiness as it makes your website more legitimate from their algorithms viewpoint.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Friday, 25 September 2015 - 4:18pm
The most frequent reason for shopping cart abandonment is unexpectedly high shipping costs. These unexpected costs account for 28% of shopping cart abandonment. It’s not so much the shipping costs themselves it is when they are presented to the user for the first time during the checkout process.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Tuesday, 18 August 2015 - 11:34am
Every year Google hosts a conference where their registered partners are able to learn about latest web trends and the future as Google, (a very influential player in the world of web), sees it. We went along to see what we could learn, find out more....
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Wednesday, 15 July 2015 - 10:55am
How Can We Measure the Success of a Website? One of the important measures we take into account when assessing our website’s effectiveness to convert visitors into customers, is the bounce rate. While there is plenty of other data that helps measure website quality, such as page views and average visit duration on the site per visitor, bounce rate is a useful metric that indicates the quality of a website’s first impression on its target audience.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Thursday, 25 June 2015 - 3:36pm
In mid-April we reported on significant changes to the way Google ranks websites in regards to mobile searches. Well, many websites ignored Google’s warnings and ultimately saw drops in their search rankings. Discovered through a detailed study, looking at the top 10 URL’s in thousands of test queries, 46.6% of non-mobile friendly pages saw a loss, many of them dropping from the top 10 search spots completely.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Monday, 8 June 2015 - 2:52pm
During the month of May we have noticed significant changes in our search engine rankings, they were improving and we weren't quite sure why. During the month our clients began to notice the same thing happening to their site, resulting in more traffic, and in some cases, more sales than previous months. After a quick investigation (through Google searching of course) there seemed to be others experiencing similar improvement in their rankings
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Monday, 13 April 2015 - 2:15pm
Normally Google's SEO algorithm changes are small and continuous, which doesn't require any announcement but this week is very different. They've announced some of the biggest changes yet that will affect every businesses website across the globe. 
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Thursday, 9 April 2015 - 10:13am
Using an open content management system has a plethora of benefits. From being able to own the website completely when your done to it having 24/7 security updates to ensure a secure environment, Drupal has it all. 
System Monita Interface
Tuesday, 3 March 2015 - 5:35pm
Being able to constantly check the health of your servers or websites at the click of a button has many benefits. With easy deployment and very little effort needed to set up these monitoring systems, it is a sound investment for any company that runs IT infrastructure.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 - 2:15pm
Businesses are only truly starting to realize the importance of being able to give their customers access to their site, no matter what device they are using, and are starting to demand mobile friendly design. However, true responsive design is more than just a 2 size solution, it also has to include responsiveness for tablets and varying sized mobile screens.
Monday, 12 January 2015 - 5:36pm
I was enjoying a coffee recently, whilst listening to the radio, when an advertisement came on for a company selling Japanese homeware and decor, which my partner is very fond of. So I decided to have a look online to see some of their products on her behalf and was very disappointed to find that there was no website for this company.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 - 11:55am
It’s Christmas time again (even though the weather doesn’t show it) and with relatives and in laws visiting, getting ready for the Christmas feast and all of the Christmas parties, it’s hard to find time to get all your presents purchased and wrapped on time.
Thursday, 4 December 2014 - 10:31am
Our services do not end when your new website is designed, developed and goes live, at Koda Web we then enter the post-delivery stage, where we analyse the new website and assess its performance against a number of key parameters.
Tuesday, 25 November 2014 - 10:24am
With only 41% of small and medium sized businesses in New Zealand having a company website, not enough Kiwi businesses are exploiting the benefits of having an internet presence. Not just any old website will do the trick either, with an increasing number of impatient customers leaving websites as soon as they see how outdated it is or if they find it hard to navigate.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Monday, 10 November 2014 - 6:16pm
A month or so ago I wrote about the importance of patching your content management system and the advantage we believe exists with Open Source content management systems versus those offered by proprietary systems.
True Responsive Design Extends Over Multiple Devices
Friday, 3 October 2014 - 12:55pm
If you haven’t got a got a responsive or mobile version of your website there will be a significant number of potential customers and contacts that will enjoy a terrible experience as they try to navigate your site
The Google Masterclass Seminar
Friday, 3 October 2014 - 11:25am
We attended the Google Partners Masterclass yesterday at the Pullman Hotel. The Masterclass is a bi-annual event and the presentations cover a wide range of topics. In yesterday's Masterclass, the topics covered Google Adwords, Analytics and Mobile friendly design. I'll tell you briefly about the more important features.
Friday, 26 September 2014 - 2:52pm
One of the great benefits of using an open source CMS (content management system) like Drupal to deliver your web content is that there is a global community of developers actively engaged in maintaining the integrity of the product.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Friday, 19 September 2014 - 10:04am
Ebola is an infectious disease identified by fever and severe internal bleeding, it is spread through contact with body fluids of an infected person. It is currently spreading quickly through West Africa, the World Health Organisation is struggling to contain it. In much the same way as Ebola has an effect on the living, software viruses have a similar effect on our computing infrastructure.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Friday, 12 September 2014 - 11:16am
Net Neutrality is the phrase used to describe the underlying philosophy that the Internet does not differentiate users based on size market capitalisation, location or any other determining factor.
Koda Web Development - Auckland
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 - 4:24pm
They are the containers that hold all data relevant and related to a specific software application, be this a standalone application, a website, or a utility software solution. So they hold all related data about your products, customers, finances, marketing or personal activities.
Smart Phone Friendly Design Is Essential For Any Website
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 - 8:24am
Apple recently announced the release of the new Apple iPhone 6 and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, if past experience is anything to go by there will be another spike in mobile device usage on the web once they are released in late September (United States). With the continued increase in the number of Smart devices used to browse and purchase product on the internet, and with the increase in the use of Responsive themes to tailor content for the web.
Drupal Is Great For Google Rankings
Friday, 29 August 2014 - 5:01pm
While for those of us in the know, the benefits offered by developing your website on the platform are many and varied, for the newcomer, Drupal can be a bit overwhelming. In this blog I would like to highlight four of the features of the Drupal content management system that I believe are important to consider as you make a decision on the choice of which web platform to use on your new web development project.
You Don't Have To Understand Everything About The Web To Have An Effective Website
Thursday, 21 August 2014 - 5:40pm
I cannot code and I don’t really know the difference between PHP and HTML, yet KodaWeb were crazy enough to hire me. I’m a self-confessed techlexic (well, relative to everyone here at least.) I can still navigate Facebook and can purchase something over the internet with ease. However, as soon as my colleagues start chatting about different CMS platforms and back end systems integration, I start to get a little lost.
Work and Life Balance Is Important In Any Workplace
Friday, 15 August 2014 - 2:06pm
For those of us lucky enough to be doing what we love, involved in the development of software and websites, we are unfortunately working in a predominantly sedentary environment. Yes we are desk jockeys, and when we are immersed in what we are doing we can lose track of time and be sitting for an extended period of time - not healthy!  We’ve all sat down to do something that we thought would take 30 minutes and lifted our head only to realise we have been at it for hours. While enjoying what we are doing is great, we need to take the time to look after our minds and bodies too.
We Need Your Data To Build Your Website
Wednesday, 13 August 2014 - 6:23pm
"'Data! Data! Data!' he cried impatiently. 'I can't make bricks without clay.'" The above quote is one of my favorite lines of Sherlock Holmes. He utters this famous line in "The Adventure of the Copper Breeches" when an unusual case presents itself to him but alas, he does not have all the information he needs to solve the mystery.
Drupal Is Far Superior To Proprietary CMS
Wednesday, 6 August 2014 - 12:06pm
Drupal is an open source content management system that allows the development of websites offering a wide range of functionality. Globally there are over 1 million websites developed on the Drupal platform. Being Open source, Drupal is maintained by a global community of developers, this is estimated at more than 100,000.
Drupal CMS Can Take Away The Frustrating Process of Updating Your Website
Friday, 1 August 2014 - 2:59pm
As a web developer, I find Drupal (a CMS platform) to be easy to work with. I can easily tailor the site to my client's needs be it a personal blog or a high traffic eCommerce site. I can customise the checkout process, manipulate page listings, add conditions and rules all quite easily but the thing I find that most developers overlook is how user friendly the back-end is for their client to use.
Koda Web Intranet Development
Monday, 7 July 2014 - 2:58pm
Well you did it, you have developed an online presence for your business that positions you where you expect to be on the internet, supporting your business rules and process, congratulations!
Google and the website
Thursday, 26 June 2014 - 2:21pm
WARNING: This article includes spoilers for Game of Thrones season four. When it comes to optimising for search engines, you have to review your site's performance on a regular basis, at least once a month.
Is IE8 Outdated Software
Thursday, 26 June 2014 - 2:16pm
Should we support IE 8 or should we just develop and test from IE 9 up? This is an important decision for a Front End Web Developer when starting the process to build a website! 
Open Source Content Management Is the Only Long Term Solution
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 - 5:22pm
While the words Open Source often create an association with budget constrained functionality the reality is far from it. Community developed and delivered Open Source functionality is often more stable, more feature rich and better maintained
The Koda Website Displayed With Responsive Design On Multiple Devices
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 - 4:58pm
With the proliferation of smart phones and templates the importance of making a website display effectively on a range of devices and screen sizes has become hugely important for anyone considering developing a modern website.
Integrate Business Processes Through the Web
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 - 2:53pm
Integration can be loosely defined as the process of allowing two or more systems to be brought together so that they behave as one. In essence allowing an update to be made in your accounting system (to price or product descriptions) and to have these changes reflected on your website (or vice versa), and potentially on any number of associated systems.

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