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Custom DB Development

Custom Database Development

A custom database development can offer a business significant improvements. These can take many forms:

  • Provide a tool to manage customer interactions
  • Gather information automatically from different sources and present in a meaningful manner
  • Transfer logic contained in an Excel spreadsheet and move to a web enabled environment

Whatever it is you are trying to achieve if you think a database may help, you need to talk to the team at Koda Web.


We have built a number of custom database solutions for clients seeking to address business challenges similar to those outlined above.

We all use Excel to varying degrees to model data, when the data sets we are working with become unwieldy either too large or with complex calculations the option to build a custom database solution is often a cost effective alternative

We have experience working with MySQL (the most widely used open source DBMS), SQL Server (Microsoft’s Enterprise DBMS), Progress and Oracle. As part of the project engagement we will determine which platform is best suited to meet your needs, not all databases are created equal, we can assist as you work through your requirements.

Case Study

Customer X is an international financial instituution, they came to Koda with a challenge related to automating the delivery of a series of complex reports that utilised data gathered from a number of different repositories.

Requirements Overview

  • The sourced data was presented in a range of formats
  • The reports combined data and presented both raw and calculated values
  • Reports needed to be generated on a daily basis
  • Financial modelling would utilise the data in the reports so it absolutely needed to be accurate


The Koda team architected a solution that utilised daily scheduled services to initiate the collection of data from a variety of  secure SFTP sites, the data is processed through a custom integration engine that populates the data into the appropriate fields within a custom MySQL database.

Based on the data to be extracted the MySQL database was optimised with the adition of appropriate indexes.

A custom interface has been created that allows the custom query of data stored within the new database schema.

A series of reports have been created that are generated utilising the regular daily services tthese are then placed on an SFTP site for download by the client.


The outcome of the custom database development has seen a significant saving in manual work previously required to manipulate the data. The customer is now able to focus their efforts on interrogating the data with a view to improving their finance decsions.


A well designed and architected database solution can add significant value to a business, delivering improvements in accuracy, effort and usability. If you have a current semi-manual business process that utilises Excel spreadsheets or even paper, you might like to get in touch with the Koda team, we have the skills and expertise that will allow us to assist you with any custom database development project.


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