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How to add / Edit a News Page

To add a new News Item

  • Click Content/ Add content/Blog Entry
    • This will provide you with a blank Blog entry form
  • Provide a title
  • Add your content to the Body field
    • You can place images within the content by selecting the image icon from the Body field tool bar.
      • Choose “Browse Server”
      • When file browser opens you can browse images on the webserver in the main window, clicking on a filename will display a preview below
        • Once selected click “Insert File”
      • Alternatively you can upload a file from your environment:
        • Click “Upload” (LHS)
        • Select “Choose file”
        • Browse and select the file you want to use, click “Open”
        • Click “Upload” LHS of file browser window
        • “Click Insert File”
    • Once the image has been selected you can size it, providing a width and height in pixels
    • Hspace and Vspace allow you to add padding between image and any text being used
    • Select alignment (left center, right)
    • Click “OK”
  • Add any tags to your news item
  • Select an image for upload – this is the one that is displayed on the teaser
  • Click Save

To Edit a News Item

  • Click “Content” (top Admin menu)
  • Filter content, set type = “Blog Entry”
  • Select item you want to edit and click edit on RHS
  • Make changes you need to
  • Click “Save”

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