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Petxcite - Koda Web Design Auckland
Petxcite - Koda Web Design Auckland
Petxcite - Koda Web Design Auckland

The new Petxcite website sells pet toys using an Ecommerce platform and has the functionality to ensure a great customer experience and utlimately lead to sales, while also having a playful experience.

One of the goals for Koda Web was ensuring that purchases of products with different sizes and colours could be selected depending on customer preference with ease. Also, the site is developed using an Open Content Management System, Drupal, which allows the owner of the site to make additions and chages to their products. 

  • Custom design
  • Responsive theme that allows the site to display on a wide range of mobile smart devices
  • Ubercart E-commerce engine
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Image cache allowing automatic resizing of uploaded images
  • Custom administrative interface
  • Open Source solution - the delivered product belongs to the customer

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