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Website Support

Support for us is more than just delivering your new website or website enhancements. Koda website support is ongoing and we will obviously work closely with you as we develop your new online solution, however a key point of difference with the Koda team is our commitment to continued support.

We're not lawyers or accountants (and unlike some of our competitors) we do not charge you for contacting us and asking a question. We want to support you and we fully support the notion that if we can help you answer the questions you have, ultimately you will have the skills to manage all of the activities you want to perform on the website yourself.

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You may already have a Drupal environment and are looking at your support and hosting options.

If you have an existing Magento environment and are investigating alternative hosting and support options we'd be happy to assist.

When you need support for an existing WordPress environment, get in touch with the team at Koda, we would love to help!

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