Custom website design and development is a concept that is often associated with higher costs when you consider the creation of your new online presence. 

While there may be a small difference in the initial cost of designing and developing your new online presence using a design agency with all of the required skills in house. We firmly believe these are repaid in spades when it comes to analysing the benefit of the new custom design website over a longer period of time when compared against a templated solution.

There are any numbers of "Web Developers" that simply purchase a WordPress, Wix (or any other) template, usually used on a previous site, add a logo and some content and pass it off as a custom web solution for their customers. This comes at a cost, that is often hidden from you, the customer:

  1. You are sharing the look and feel of your online shopfront with a number of other sites, the ability to differentiate your site and business is lost, you can see this for yourself when you browse the web, you come across website designs that are in essence exactly the same as one another, with the exception of colours and content.

Be different, stand out, go the custom design route!

  1. You are using templates that the developer you are working with has very little control over, more than likely they will not know the history of the modules delivering the required functionality, this poses a significant security risk to your site, while there is no way to be 100% certain of the security of your online presence, you can make informed decisions about the platform you select, by working with a company that maintains and contributes regularly to the product they are using, coupled with an international security team that support our community, you can reduce the risk associated with a compromised system significantly

At our Auckland based web design and development agency

Koda custom design and build all of the online portals we develop, we craft your online presence using the skills of our qualified, experienced local team of web professionals

We do not outsource our design and development efforts, we are a 100% New Zealand based company, far to often we have encountered situations where customers have engaged a "NZ" based agency to develop their website, only to find that the work is being undertaken offshore, this is not a big issue in itself, however, quality is difficult to control, requirements are misunderstood and the delivered solution is not always what you were expecting

At Koda we design and develop your project in house, we will work closely with you to refine requirements, ensure a clear understanding of the objectives and then deliver an outstanding result for you.

The proof is in the delivery, if you are considering a new web design and development project, consider the team at Koda, we offer an obligation free consultation for any project, have a chat, meet the team, and rest assured we have your interests at heart when we design and develop your new online solution,

call us today on 09 448 1215, or use the contact form here