Our services do not end when your new website is designed, developed and goes live, at Koda Web we then enter the post-delivery stage, where we analyse the new website and assess its performance against a number of key parameters. Using Google Analytics, a tool that allows us to monitor users’ website behaviour, we look at the amount of traffic before and after your new Koda website. Using this we can track the effectiveness of the features we have installed (or perhaps needs to be improved) and can give recommendations to your business about what we learned from your customers’ web patterns.

We also utilise webmaster tools from Google to understand the way the new site is viewed by the Google search index, this tool allows us to make informed decisions and assessments on the performance of certain key words within your content and the search terms users are entering to find the website.

As an example, the analysis of a recently completed e-commerce site that the Koda team developed was performed after the first 25 day period and results were compared before and after the new site went live. We found the following:

  • There were significantly more site visitors, with the amount of people visiting the website having increased by 35.6%.
  • Users were returning more often, as the individual sessions increased by 43.3%.
  • Visitors were staying for longer, with the average session duration on the website increasing by 14.6%
  • And visitors were looking at more content, as the pages viewed increased by 53.4%.

Now you’re probably thinking, “that’s great, BUT… did they sell more?” Well, in this case, customer spending of sales in dollar terms (purchased through the website) increased by 212%! The business also runs a physical store and the new website has seen an increased focus on walk in traffic as well.

Not only has this data been able to show the successes of the website redevelopment, it also shows we are committed to helping make our clients businesses succeed in the long-term. Following this initial assessment, recommendations have been made, as incremental improvements are made to the website and we expect to see a continued increase in visitor and sales activity.

At Koda Web the post-delivery stage is just as important as building your new website, it needs to achieve results! We want to help achieve your business goals.

We view the opportunity to deliver your online project for you as the opportunity to develop a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship rather than a discrete delivery.