We've Noticed a Change

During the month of May we have noticed significant changes in our search engine rankings, they were improving and we weren't quite sure why.

During the month our clients began to notice the same thing happening to their site, resulting in more traffic, and in some cases, more sales than previous months.

After a quick investigation (through Google searching of course) there seemed to be others experiencing similar improvement in their rankings.

What Happened?

Initially it was difficult to identify what had happened however it is apparent that Google has changed their SEO algorithm to more rigorously assess the content on a website, meaning higher quality content results in improved search rankings.

So for those of you who have worked long through the night, adding content to your website, your efforts are being recognised.

How Do I Take Advantage?

Google is vague when it comes to defining ‘high-quality content’. They do not want to reveal too much about the algorithms they use, however major tips to consider when creating high quality content for your website include:

  • Correct and user friendly formatting, correct use of grammar and correct spelling
  • Long, in depth and helpful content. Does the content provide substantial value to a visitor?
  • Avoid keyword stuffing where relevant words or phrases are simply listed, is heavily penalised
  • The content must also be original but articles on other websites can be used as inspiration

Of course content needs to be continuously added and while you won’t see immediate results, it will slowly help your website to gain organic visibility and ultimately more visitors.

The benefits of good quality content is more important than ever and is important for business owners and/or web administrators to take advantage of this in order to climb Google’s search engine rankings.