The Results

In mid-April we reported on significant changes to the way Google ranks websites in regards to mobile searches. Well, many websites ignored Google’s warnings and ultimately saw drops in their search rankings. Discovered through a detailed study, looking at the top 10 URL’s in thousands of test queries, 46.6% of non-mobile friendly pages saw a loss, many of them dropping from the top 10 search spots completely. The clear majority of these were small to medium sized businesses, as large businesses with heavy traffic are not as affected by Google changes.

What It Means

This is only the beginning as Google’s algorithms are continuously changed to get the results they wish to see. Also, research shows 40% of people using mobile will leave the website they are on if isn’t mobile-friendly. Combine this with the Google changes and it could have devastating effects for non-mobile friendly websites.

Utilize Your Web Presence!

It is important for businesses to realize that if, on average, 1 out of 3 people that visit their website cannot properly view it, then they are definitely losing out on potential business. It is vital in ensuring that your website is mobile friendly to your entire audience to take full advantage of your online presence.