It's 2019, your website should definitely have a secure SSL certificate if you are wanting to make an impact with your business in the online world! Too often these days when sites are visited and a large red warning box has appeared, not only does this push the visitor away, it is likely that they will never return.

The main function of an SSL certificate is to protect data. This is a must when using a website that takes information such as emails, ID's and passwords. Having one will help defend your site's data from hackers and other unwanted online thieves.

As well as that, your website could see an increase in visits. Google ranks websites that have a secure SSL certificate higher than sites that do not, also visitors won't be spooked by red warning signs. 


Red flags that show that a site is not secure would usually look like these:



Whereas a secure site would look like this:


The team at Koda Web are able to assist in obtaining a secure SSL certificate for your website. Give us a call to see what we can do for you +64 9 448 1215, or reach us through our Contact page