Try and list off all the search engines you know....Google, Bing (if you're a Microsoft employee) Yahoo......errr......(Just let me Google some more) Dogpile, DucDuckGo etc etc

One that is making waves with more intelligent searching is OMNITY, Omnity might have some anonymity in the Search Engine world but is claiming to be smarter than Google and reviewers are tending to agree!

Omnity stands out by offering results that best match for any given search term and also how those results relate to each other. So if you're about to start a research project on a topic you know little about, you can quickly see who is getting cited the most, whose research is the most influential or which university is leading the pack on that subject.

It draws from a number of data sets, including SEC filings, public news organization reports, scientific journals, financial reports and legal histories.

You can also drag and drop documents into the search engine to get an analysis of the "rare words" in it - Omnity obviously strips out the little words like "he," "she," "it" and "but," yet also looks for words that are more unique to any given document to get a better idea of what it's about.

Give it a go!


When Brain Sager,  Omnity Co Founder  was asked about if they will become another search engine bought out by Google the reply was that Omnity was more likely to beat Google and then buy it!