As technology continues to advance, more and more businesses are opting to make use of different software that helps to simplify their business processes. These systems can assist with anything from managing customer portfolios to streamlining the process of shipping goods. Often the next step necessary in order to further simplify operations is to integrate the software with the business' website.

Here at Koda, integrations are a key component to a number of our developments. They can provide huge benefits to businesses of any size; saving great amounts of time and money by reducing hours spent manually handling data. Integrations allow data to be transferred instantly between a piece of software and a business' website. These data transfers can include the following:

  • Updates to customer details
  • Order information
  • Product synchronisation
  • Shipping prices
  • Invoice consolidation
  • Stock availability 

The reality is that humans aren't perfect, and when it comes to manual data management there's bound to be the odd error here and there.  By removing the need for having to enter base data into multiple sources, integrations help to improve the accuracy of data and ensure that it remains as clean as possible.

We love working with our customers to simplify the way their company operates. The business advantage offered by integration between your website and other systems and services can be significant. The team at Koda have completed a number of complex integration projects, often bringing data from multiple sources to establish a complete web solution for a customer’s business.

While our list of existing integrations is extensive, we are also able to build custom API’s for applications that do not currently provide their own connectors. This can be a game changer for businesses who have been relying on manually passing data between legacy systems and their website; saving both time and money.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the integration space, so if you're interested in finding out how an integration can help to boost your business' productivity, talk to the team at Koda today!