With the end of Term Four quickly approaching, many schools are beginning to wind down in preparation for the summer break. Here at Koda, we feel this is the perfect time to reassess your school's current website and give it a bit of sprucing up in time for Term One!

We understand that every school is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach simply won't cut it! 

Each school has a different set of requirements, as well as a different vision, audience, and budget. The very first step we take before getting started on any school website project is setting up a meeting between one of our digital delivery managers and the key stakeholders at the school. This gives us a chance to understand exactly what you are wanting and how we can work with you to develop an online presence that accurately reflects your school's vision and values.

The platform we build our websites on is completely customisable and can be tailored to fit your needs. Some of the key features the Koda/School Websites platform offers include:

  • Easy to use back end system. You will have the ability to add and edit any content on the website!
  • Integration with your school's Google Calendar (Kamar, Google etc)
  • Report An Absence form for parents to quickly and easily notify the school office of their child's absence
  • An intranet that provides a secure environment for staff and;/or board members to share important documents
  • Password-protected pages for each classroom. These can be used for sharing class-specific content such as homework, fieldtrip information, and images. Limited admin roles can also be set up on the website for a small number of students to have a go at editing the page themselves.
  • Multi-Language functionality

When thinking about your new school website, treat it as a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless with the website being able to be well and truly tailored to fit your school's individual needs.

To view the portfolio of amazing school websites that our team has delivered, click here!

The team at Koda & School Websites enjoy working in this space and feel we have something special to offer. If you would like to chat to us about refreshing your current school website, get in touch with us today!