Sometimes improving your website can be far more simple than it sounds. Complex enhancements don't always need to be involved when giving your website a refresh. There are some easy ways to make it look better. Although for obvious reasons you can only do so much before having to get down into the trenches of HTML/ CSS and your backend code. Below are some basic ways to make your website look a little bit better:


Although it doesn't sound too important at first thought, the quality of your images can make all the difference! In today's age of Instagram, Facebook and people reading a lot less, images have become a lot more important. For a lot of people, images are the first part of your landing pages that they will look at. Replacing old images with the new is simple but effective. Make sure your imagery is high quality, you don't want pixelated content! 


Keeping your content relevant and refreshing can make or break someone arriving on your website. Content is the easiest component of your website to manage, easily the most crucial however often overlooked. Things like updating your content regularly, using relevant jargon and using correct grammar make all the difference when it comes to your SEO ranking and the visitor's trust in your website. Content is so easy to change, so there is no excuse not to!


Blogs can sometimes be a bit of a drag to have to think of an interesting topic and write about it. It all becomes worth it in the long game. Writing blogs gives your SEO ranking a huge boost as your applying so much relevant content into your web. Once Google sees that your keeping your website and using relevant jargon etc, they'll reward with good ranking!

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