Understandably many smaller Stockists often can't provide EDI's, and although the wholesale operators want to improve efficiencies with faster systems to support partners and stockists, they are often not completely sure how to implement them and think costs are prohibitive, this is where we can help.

Traditionally the Big Chain Stores support their wholesalers by providing an EDI’s (Electronic Data Interchanges), as they know the benefits were up to 30% in operating costs in some cases. Unfortunately for many SME suppliers this technology was out of reach, the good news is the cost of integration and portals have decreased greatly over the past 20 years. Full portal developments with real-time information that integrate your accounting, warehouse and freight software systems are readily available.

Orders via email, telephone, (yes some still fax), instantly create extra workloads and the time costs of proof reading, distributing information, double entry, rechecking data against systems all add extra calculations. Many of these manual processes can also produce errors that instantly double the time of operating. and unfortunately many wholesalers that try to fix things use the wrong technology approach with entry level B2C tools that have simple ecommerce systems that are slow and not scalable for complex B2B tasks. 

A specific B2B ecommerce system design is required, especially where complex requirements for calculating freight, multi currencies or languages are applied. And one of the biggest advantages a B2B portal and EDI offers is better systems for partners and stockists. Business partners appreciate the efficiencies that can help them operate easily, and your business will have a more visual description of your wholesale offerings in turn being more competitive and profitable.

Key B2B automations that save time are:

  • Tiered Pricing
  • Real-time Stock Levels
  • Back Orders, Out of Stock notices
  • Freight Calculations
  • Exchange Rates
  • Display Invoices

Plus the benefits of digital usability include:

  • Secure Permission Levels
  • Mobile Friendly Information
  • 24 /7 Availability
  • Language Options
  • Direct Chat Portals
  • Custom designed to suit business requirements
  • Selected Personal Promotions

The Kodaweb team have extensive knowledge of systems design and development, so if you're interested in finding out how EDI’s and Portals can help to improve your business' productivity with your Stockists, talk to one of the team today!