Many have quickly forgotten how slow the internet used to be, and now struggle to cope with even the most minor amount of lag.

Understandably, businesses want zero lag and require real time information instantly. This is particularly important for businesses whose customers are actively researching and ordering products online.

For a long-time site performance was determined primarily by upload speeds. Now with fibre and 5G, businesses require more than just a cable to deliver top results.

So how do you get the fastest CMS in the world? By building web developments with modern User Interface technologies, the front runner in this space being React.

While many may not have heard of React or ReactJS, most people are experiencing it every day on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox. React is used by web developers that are operating ahead of the curve, developers that recognise the importance of a slick user interface that performs extremely well.

Koda is able to design develop and deliver high performing React interfaces that are driven by two specific content management systems, Drupal and our own Node CMS.

  • Decoupled Drupal provides the scalability and features of the Drupal platform with the speed and flexibility of a React UI.
  • Our Node CMS offers a simple content management system built on the NodeJS framework, that delivers a super-fast back-end engine that meets the performance benchmarks of the most demanding business requirements.

Here at Koda web design we have proven the use of React and Drupal for some time especially for industries with large product lists, custom pricing, and integration with third party systems. The increased speed benefits are of great value to a business’s operations, particularly for users searching for real time information and purchasing.

With redevelopments many business may replace an old site with legacy technology and wonder why their competition is now attracting all the clicks.

If you are interested in finding our more about decoupled Drupal, NodeJS CMS and ReactJS, please give us a call or complete our contact form here, we are happy to help, you may be surprised and what can be offered.