In the technology sector the only thing that remains constant is change

Most businesses will have experienced the retirement of certain technologies that they use from the simplest utility application to larger enterprise solutions offered by the largest global companies. In our area of expertise Google Classic Sites, Adobe Flash, Adobe Business Catalyst are three web design platforms that businesses were caught out with over the past couple of years as they are (or close to being) no longer supported

With so much technology out there, it is hard to keep up with the changes. The thing we notice the most is that it takes quite a bit of knowledge to future proof your technology choices. However the worst thing we find is that businesses that have developed their online presence on technology that is no longer able to be used and they have to start again.

Many businesses do not have their online platforms developed by specialist web developers and/or systems integrators, they then find they need custom online forms drawing information from a secure database; or require wholesale and/or commercial ecommerce ordering that supports their operations, only to find they have to bolt on other technology that requires costly time-consuming technical integration and constant attention to protect it from breaches.

So how do we predict the future for online developments? The answer is with scalability.

Using an analogy, we noticed the trend in the vehicle market where recently we saw a person upgrade a luxury sedan for a ute. We thought the car sales team must really have some pitch to achieve that. Laugh you may however the upgrade is understandable. For many driving sedans and trying to see past large vehicles around them is if not just difficult, sometimes quite dangerous, so the height is attractive. Not to mention how many people in 2021 have moved from the city apartments to the country, so for many utes are the future vehicle. Add roof racks and tow bar and the ute future proofs many more options.

The point here is as things change and we need to scale up and enable change easily, having to change platforms is expensive however with the right technology scalability is far more achievable.

Utilising the versatile Drupal platform that has numerous compatible secure modules that can be adopted without having to start again, saves much time and money. Over the last 12 months discussions about decoupled or headless CMS solutions have gained momentum, the team at Koda Web Design has been working with decoupled Drupal for over 2 years, there are significant benefits to be achieved when you select a flexible platform for the development of your new website.

There are many options out there for web development however plugging in and bolting on developments that are not tested and/or secure, leads to the expensive constant issues IT teams have to manage.

Planning for the future starts with a good foundation and is why we work with Drupal to save our clients from re-inventing the wheel. Drupal is a well-established, robust content management system that can make a huge difference when you seek to future proof your new website

Find out how Koda can start your new development on a future proof platform give us a call or complete our contact form here, we are happy to help.