Recently we noticed some small businesses making a shift with their online content strategy that was long overdue.

Orginally the reason a business built a website was to simply replace the telephone book ads that listed their industry type and contact details. For many businesses websites were just bullet point notes, however many soon realised having more information and content for Google to crawl was beneficial.

The transition from phone book advertisements to websites was interesting, as many businesses had very little analylitical data to work from in terms of their previous ads' performance. As a result, businesses converted their listing to an online brochure hoping this would work in the same way and generate all their leads.

Today businesses are leaning towards a very different approach in their online presence with consumers expecting a lot more from a website than they previously did. With so much information available, a website is so much more than a telephone book listing, it has essentially become a company's online store front. The internet offers an interactive system and allows a business to present itself in so many different ways. Websites provide businesses with a brochure, a catalogue, a business card shared with social connections, and a technical specification journal for products all wrapped into one platform. Beyond the surface, websites offer ecommerce functionality, retail ordering systems, stock management, location availability, sales processes for upselling, and time tracking distribution.

With search rankings on the web being complex, very competitive and constantly evolving, more emphaisis is continually being put on a website's SEO performance to ensure that businesses are able to be found online. With access to a range of tools such as Google Analtyics, more businesses are beginnign to look deeper into their website data. A key metric that people tend to take note of is the time visitors spend on their site or the "average session duration". Many businesses are now changing tact, seeing that technical details are king and that their website visitors spend much more time comparing and checking specific technical details to ensure their decision is absolutely right. With all of the data now available across various tools, a business may find that they want to promote easier access to technical details.

Consumers have been spending more and more time researching technical / performance details of products, from coffee machines to food processors, sport equipment to shoes, computers, cars, boats, insurance policies, you name it. People enjoy taking their time to learn more about the product, and often spend days comparing different models and ranges, all pushing the "average session duration" statics up and boosting their website quality score.

Here at Koda we help businesses make technical product details one of the most important, easy to access parts of their website. With the latest technologies we ensure their visitors are able to reach relevant content quickly and effectively, and not just for good SEO but for an enhanced user experience.

So if you have technical details ask us how to help with showing them effectively on your site, making them easy to get to, comparable, and fun to work through for your visitors, while also helping your businesses improve your search engine rankings.

If you have any questions regarding analytics, technical content writing and SEO, give us a call or complete our contact form here, we are happy to help.