When Bill Gates first coined the phrase "Content is King" back in 1996, he was definitely onto something. Over the past two decades, it has become increasingly apparent how significant good content is for building a company's brand and boosting their online presence.

All too often businesses put a lot of time and money into establishing sleek, engaging websites, only to leave them stagnate with no fresh content for months on end. With no new content being added to the site, search engines begin to treat these websites as being less relevant and less trustworthy, causing search rankings to drop.

Developing a strong content strategy is not only beneficial for your search rankings, it can also contribute to establishing a positive customer experience. In this day and age, consumers are hungry for knowledge. Websites are the perfect platform for demonstrating your industry expertise, whilst also educating your clients on helpful tips and sharing the latest updates. 

Here at Koda, we understand the importance of keeping your website content fresh and up to date. That's why we keep content top of mind when we are designing and developing custom websites for our clients. We ensure there are plenty of spaces and opportunities for our customers to add fresh content to their websites regularly. Content types that are particularly useful for regular updates include News/Blogs, Case Studies, Events and Testimonials. Our platform of choice, Drupal, has a great user-friendly CMS that makes it extremely easy for site administrators to edit, update and add content as necessary.

Our team are experts in web design and development and have years of experience creating websites that provide a range of options for regular content updates. Through the design and architecture process we take the time to consider the user experience and how customers can access the most relevant, important content with ease. The end product is a platform that is easy for site administrators to use, a user interface that nurtures the customer journey, and a website that is geared towards creating meaningful content to build on existing SEO rankings.

If you're in the market for a new website or are brainstorming ways to make your current website as content-friendly as possible, get in touch with the team at Koda Web.