What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design refers to the way we are able to control the display of your website based on the resolution of the device being used. Using device detection technology we can identify that a person is browsing your website using a device with a specific screen resolution, based on this information we can then adjust how we display the site, we consider the following:

  • Navigation, do we collapse the menu and make this more friendly to swipe and push function associated with touch screen technology
  • Image display, do we scale images or replace with images more appropriate to smaller resolution displays
  • Content suitability - Content produced for your desktop or laptop version of the website, may not be suited to smart device display

    The great thing about a responsive theme is that it uses the same content framework that your core website uses, as the website content is held within a central database repository the costs associated with producing a mobile friendly design are greatly reduced.

    Mobile Application

    A mobile application is different to a responsive theme, mobile applications are websites, optimised for interactive touch screens that are tailored toward specific functionality. Often referred to a Progressive Web Applications (PWA) mobile applications are able to utilise the majority of features available on a mobile device to deliver an exceptional user experience within a cost effective framework. They provide a viable alternative to native IOS and Android applications, you can find out more about Mobile applications.