Partner not Supplier

The key word that describes the engagement with the company you choose to assist you is Partner. You are looking for a partner first and foremost, a company that you can trust, that has empathy for what you are wanting, and, most importantly listens to what you are hoping to achieve.

A partnership by definition is a relationship where there is a contribution made by each participant. When we work with our clients it is absolutely a partnership, we encourage a relationship of trust where candid discussion can take place with the objective of ensuring a quality outcome for the project.

Listen to your needs

As a technology company of course we can deliver just about any solution you can think of, the key difference between company's who you can partner with and those that supply a service is their ability to listen to your needs and translate these into an online solution that will achieve the objectives you are seeking to attain.

I am reminded of a corporate training session, this one was unusual in that there was something quite relevant that was discussed. The presenter, a well regarded sales and marketing manager made the point that of course we can turn up to an initial client meeting and roll out the full bag of tricks, demonstrate the wide variety of solutions, widgets and toys and hope to impress the prospect, an approach he felt was guaranteed to fail - if not immediately then certainly during the project, the alternative is to listen, talk to the client, understand their needs, main points and objectives.

Only after listening and understanding these requirements was it then time to suggest solutions.

Far too many web companies believe they can solve your problems with their bag of tricks. At Koda we fully appreciate and embrace the notion that unless we fully understand your business requirements we will be unable to deliver a solution that you will be 100% satisfied with.


How do you establish trust that the company you have selected to partner with is who they say they are? This is not easy to determine, it is so easy to be mislead online by profiles and information provided on line that may not be accurate, that may be misleading and sometimes just wrong. 

At Koda we are happy to offer the client challenge! As a new customer joining our team, we are happy to put you in touch with current clients so you can ask them directly about the Koda experience. 

We absolutely value the face to face meetings we will have with you, most of you are fairly good judges of character. When making a choice on who to pick as your web design and development partner, make the most of the personal meetings, ask the difficult questions and judge for yourself the credibility of the consultant.


Web development can be a fairly costly undertaking, when balanced against the potential benefit it is however often easily justified. Whether your requirements are for a simple brochure website or a complex integrated e-commerce platform, Koda will always present a fair quotation for the work to be undertaken.

For us a relationship built on trust needs to be able to be demonstrated through quality deliverables at a fair price. We believe you will find our solutions to be the best value for money when weighed up against other development houses using both proprietary and open source systems. We offer an obligation free consultation on your new project, one of the outputs of this meeting is our estimate for the delivery of your solution.


If you have managed to read this far, I presume that some of what I have said makes sense, it is of course just words at this stage. We would love the opportunity to let you decide on whether we are right for you. 

If you'd like to find out more and perhaps arrange an obligation free consultation we'd love to meet, call us on +64 9 448 1215 or complete the contact form available, and one of our team will be in touch.