The Koda methodology utilises an iterative process, we determine the functional requirements of the project during our initial consultation, we know however that sometimes these will change as a deeper understanding of the business need is gained, by allowing some flexibility with requirements definition we are able to align our efforts closely with our customers expectations.

The key aspects of the Koda build life cycle are defined in more detail below.


The key to the successful delivery of any project is the development of a suitable plan. The planning phase at Koda Web involves a number of key tasks:

  • Requirements Definition
    Using the initial proposal document, the detailed requirements of the project are defined. The feature list developed during this phase forms the scope for development.
  • Timeline
    Based on the agreed scope a development timeline is established with the client, the timeline takes into consideration capacity of the client to provide input (in the form of feedback and content) as required, as well as the time required by Koda to design, develop and deliver the agreed functionality
  • Milestones
    As part of the timeline development key project milestones will be established with the client, milestones provide all stakeholders with firm dates on which certain features and deliverable commitments will be met. They allow both the client and development team to remain focused on the delivery goals.
  • Content Plan
    As part of any website development, particularly new projects, the requirement to produce content ready for loading within the site is a core requirement. While this is generally the responsibility of the client, the team at Koda are able to offer their expertise particularly in the way content is structured to allow optimisation in search engine

The Koda team are experienced in the delivery of a wide range of web development projects, our expertise and knowledge will ensure the successful delivery of your development, confirming that what we deliver is exactly what you, the client, is expecting.


Our team have experience in the Project Management of a wide range of software development projects from relatively small web related efforts to significant Enterprise application development projects. In addition the team has experience in the management of business transformation and infrastructure projects.

With exposure to a variety of methodologies including management of Agile development efforts, Prince2 and the principles of PMP, Koda is able to provide high quality project managers for your IT project.

We recognise that among the core skills required of any Project Manager, exceptional communication and negotiation skills are foremost. The ability to align the goals of a number of different stakeholder groups to allow successful delivery are fundamental requirements of any Project Manager. The team at Koda are able to demonstrate their expertise in these and the other core disciplines of Project Management.


The goal with all of our engagements is to deliver a quality product on time, within budget that meets our clients expectations. We're happy to report that we achieve this goal!

The delivery of the project does not signify the end of the engagement, from our perspective the delivery of the project is the completion of a phase, in what we trust, will be a long, mutually beneficial working relationship with the team at Koda.

We standby our work and guarantee the quality of the code we deliver, our pre go live testing associated with customer user acceptance testing generally will identify any unforeseen issues, however sometimes an unforeseen problem may occur, we will remedy and ensure the impact is minimised.

At the end of the day, who you choose to work with on your web project is a big decision, we are confident that Koda will be your partner of choice and are happy to provide references and testimonials to support our claim.

We look forward to hearing from you!