Auckland Based Web Design and Development Team

Based in Auckland our skilled team of open source development specialists develop the custom functionality sometimes required to allow your new website to deliver the functionality you require. A recent example of this capability has been the development of a Drupal module that allows the two way integration of Ubercart (Drupal's shopping cart) and Xero. 

We understand open source and the power it unleashes, we also appreciate the importance of the statement "one size DOES NOT fit all", our development team work closely with both the designers and front end teams to align delivered functionality with customer requirements.

Quality Guarantee

Many web development companies will develop and deliver a website for a customer and then proceed to charge an exorbitant amount to rectify problems with their solution. To our way of thinking this is a short sighted approach to a relatively small problem, which if handled differently will produce a far stronger relationship with a customer with the possibility of on going work in the future.

At Koda we stand by our work, we have a robust unit test, system test and release process that ensures the majority of issues are captured before code is released. In an ideal world there would be no bugs, unfortunately it isn't ideal, and from time to time there are issues that need to be corrected, where a defect is identified, Koda fix the problem at no charge to you the customer, where we agree a budget and scope for a project these remain in place until delivery is complete.