Online retail presents an opportunity for your business to expand. With total customer retail spending through online commerce constantly increasing, KodaWeb can give your eCommerce site the capability to:

  • Increase your sales through increased traffic and average order value
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with a better experience
  • Optimise your site for mobile devices allowing customer access through all mediums
  • Streamline operations and reduce costs by automating and integrating your business systems
  • Create a scalable and robust, future proof web solution that can reach new and global markets

We make sure that the design of your online store is both creative yet functional so that it attracts potential customers and then converts into sales for your business. We also provide back-end development services that range from SEO and content marketing to ongoing maintenance and support services.
We have written a blog about a recent project available and some dos and donts of eCommerce, as well as a case study on another recent e-commerce development.

eCommerce Sales Conversion Rate Optimisation

Getting traffic to your website is vital to build your brand and ultimately gain sales, however the next stage of the online retail process is even more important. Converting these visitors into customers is essential in optimising sales. Through analysis, constant testing and ongoing trial and error, KodaWeb can increase your websites conversions and maximize sales. Here some of the key optimisation tactics used:

  • Creating a personalized shopping experience, which tailors the content of the online shop to the preferences and behaviour of each shopper
  • Providing video or written reviews of products and showing certificates or badges for credibility to provide the customer with a sense of security
  • Location, size and colour of buttons, especially that of the "buy" button, can influence the shopper into more likely completing the purchase or even buying more
  • Streamlining the checkout process so that the shopper does not abandon their purchase at the final stage of the process

Integrated eCommerce Solutions

With more and more customers purchasing products online, it has become a necessity for businesses to manage more orders across a wider customer base. With online and offline integration of your business systems you can streamline your business processes, automating your mundane manual tasks, saving you time and ultimately money. KodaWeb can provide the advanced eCommerce website you need to consolidate your business, which is done through consolidating almost everything from your accounting systems to inventory management.

B2B eCommerce Solutions

eComerce websites have been traditionally used for selling to customers, however, there has been a shift towards eCommerce portals developed for distributors and businesses selling to other businesses. These portals allow businesses to directly purchase from your website, providing many benefits for your business:

  • Increasing efficiency through automating the buying process and removing layers of duplication
  • Improving customer service by minimising human error and giving 24/7 access
  • Lowering costs associated with less hiring of staff and making up for human error
  • Improving SEO as content rich webpages give your site a higher ranking in Google search results
  • Access to a global customer base, giving your company unlimited sales potential

Mobile eCommerce Design

The emergence of the smart phone and tablet has not only transformed the way in which we communicate but also our buying habits, with sales through mobile constantly growing, which means having a website with a mobile responsive design can increase customer numbers and sales. Making your website viewer friendly for mobile users can lead to new sources of sales for your business and KodaWeb can provide you with a responsive website with advanced functionality that will convert into extra sales for your business.

Global eCommerce Website

With the world transforming into a singular marketplace that everyone can access businesses now have the ability to reach larger audiences at a low cost and little risk. No longer are businesses required to set up a physical office or store overseas, as the internet allows you to have one online store with access to an unlimited amount of customers. At KodaWeb we can also give your website the ability to provide real time multi-currency options and even in different languages.