Organic indexing, (the natural position your web content appears in search engines without artificial manipulation) takes time and effort to achieve. At Koda we maintain that this is the most important component of any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy, content is king, good well structured content will always be the most important factor when it comes to indexing your website.

When it comes to paying for visitors to come to your website there are a number of options, the key ones we will consider are:

  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Display Network advertising

Google AdWords Campaigns

Google AdWords is the name given to the online marketing program established by Google. AdWords allows you to reach new customers and expand business.

AdWords allows you to configure your advertisement, choosing:

  • Time the ad should appear
  • Countries it should appear in
  • Languages it should appear in
  • Cost you are prepared to pay for each click

With AdWords, you establish a budget, and measure and monitor the effectiveness of the ad. You have the ability to pause or stop the placement whenever you want.

AdWords is triggered based on search terms people enter into the Google search. If the terms match your advertisement, and the budget you are prepared to pay per click is sufficient your paid placement will appear. AdWords campaigns can be expensive if not built correctly, qualification of the leads you generate can be achieved by manipulating the copy in the advertisement, Google refers to this as the Quality Score, get this right, and the cost per click associated with your promotion is reduced.

There are subtleties to consider with an AdWord campaign, the Koda team are able to assist in preparation, analysis and on going monitoring of your AdWords campaigns.

Display Network Advertising

Display Network advertising involves the placement of your advertisement on advertisers websites based on the browsing history of a potential customer. The advertisements are only placed on sites that are participating in the program and allow this to happen, so not all sites returned in search results will be participating.

As an example, you may type in Google a simple search query looking for a new desk stapler, "Rapid Stapler" and visit the Rapid site, then as you browse other sites on the web, whenever you hit a site that allows display advertisements to appear, an ad for "Rapid Staplers" (linking back to their website) could appear.

When you advertise on the Display Network, keep realistic expectations. People aren’t necessarily searching for what you’re offering, unlike when they search on your keywords in an AdWords campaign. They’re there to read content, get news, watch videos, etc… Only once in a while will your ad (that hopefully has some relationship to the content or its audience) will appeal enough to readers for them to leave the site they navigated to and check out what you have to say.

If you are advertising a service or product that is unique and you normally wouldn't search for its related keywords, the Display Network may be an option.

How we help

The team at Koda are trained in the creation, management and running of online campaigns for our customers. We are prepared to teach you as much as you want to know as part of the service, however, if you would rather we can take control of the whole campaign for you. When we run campaigns for our customers we prepare and table monthly reports that track the effectiveness of the campaigns against agreed objectives.

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