• A well-constructed site that ensures site content is structured in such a way that it maximises indexing opportunities.
  • Both Drupal and Magento offer a website platform that will provide an excellent framework for optimisation, the team at Koda are skilled in the implementation and configuration of a wide range of contributed and custom modules that present content effectively for search engine robots (bots) to find.
    • The use of user-friendly URL's rather than machine generated references as an example
  • Well structured site copy is another key consideration when seeking to maximise SEO
    • The Koda team will assist you as we design and develop your new website to take advantage of best practice approaches to the structure of website content, targeting keywords within your content without overuse, structuring terms within your site to match the phrases visitors will use when searching are examples of where we can assist

There are no silver bullet solutions for maximising organic optimisation, it takes time and incremental refinement to take full advantage of the power and reach of strong SEO. When your website development project is handled by the Koda team, their expertise is made available to you.

For a no obligation free consultation on your upcoming web development project please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.