Role Management

Set Custom Roles

Whether you’re using our pre-defined roles or creating your own, with flexible access control, you can narrow down on what exactly particular roles are able to do, and not do within the Learning Management System platform.

Role Management

Enhanced Collaboration

Stay Connected

Take the function and connection from a traditional classroom online with interactive chats, discussion threads, shared to-do lists and workspaces, and live meetings.

Along with this, the calendar feature within the platform allows for key dates to be shared and consolidated for courses that a user is a member of Collaborative workspaces within our Learning Management Systems allow for users to stay connected with their workgroups and effectively manage the progress of projects.


Insightful Data

Enhance your reporting with customisable dashboards. Access all of the information you need in a clear and effective view, allowing for insightful data around all aspects of your e-learning environment.

Dive deeper into your data by looking into metrics related to individual modules and questions, including a history of attempts and scores for each user, as well as identifying which questions users frequently get wrong.

User Dashboard

User Dashboard

Ease of Use

Every user will have access to their very own completely customisable dashboard. This dashboard will hold a range of data such as completed courses and scores achieved.


Protect your Data

Koda’s Learning Management System offers enhanced security features to protect your data online. All site run under the secure https protocol using SSL.

The Learning Management system we use is built on the Drupal platform, there is a dedicated security team that are constantly reviewing and analysing the core code base for vulnerabilities and preparing and releasing patches as required, no other Open Source platform offers this level of security.

Identity management can be enhanced with the integration of 2 factor authentication, ensuring access to your trainings are secure and protected at all times.



Payments Options

With e-commerce functionality built into the platform, you’re able to sell individual courses or offer subscription based access to multiple courses. Purchases can be made by individuals or group purchases made on behalf of a single entity, so organisations have the ability to enrol their students.

Choose between on account and credit card payments with multiple payment gateway integrations available. The Koda system supports reoccurring subscriptions as well as multiple integrations with different accounting packages.

Training Management

Build your Training

Within the Learning Management System, you’re able to develop your own training portfolio. Build the trainings exactly how you want them through the use of completely customisable courses, modules and activities.

The platform hosts Scorm packages, so if you already have existing trainings, you can simply upload these into the Learning Management System with ease.

Through adaptive learning path management, training content and materials can be altered for each individual student depending on their previous achievements and some conditional rules. This allows for more personalised and effective content to be delivered to your students. In conjunction with this, training pathways can be established, whereby a student must finish one course in order to get access to the next.

Face to Face

Face to Face Training

Build your Training

Through the Learning Management System platform, a range of Face To Face trainings options are available. From virtual classrooms, to instructor led sessions, you can choose the structure that best suits your needs.

When holding live online trainings, organisers can view the students that have been registered in the course, and mark attendance accordingly. If a student attends one of these live training sessions, the course will show up in their user catalogue, marked as complete.

Customer Support

We are here to help

As your e-learning partner, our locally based team offer extensive support to help you make the most of your Learning Management System. With years of expertise and knowledge we will be there to help you every step of the way.

Customer Support