An Integrated Solution

Compelling Solution

The WebPos offering provides an alternative to the small business wanting a system that will support both an online presence (website) and over the counter sales.

Most businesses that are after this type of solution struggle with the complexity and cost of managing up to three different systems to support this function.

An Integrated Solution
A Simple Solution

A Simple Solution

Integrates Cleanly

WebPos provides all of the functionality you might want in a POS system, with the Drupal website providing the engine to drive it.

As with all websites designed and built by Koda, once it is completed it belongs 100% to you, the customer. The WebPos system will integrate cleanly with the Drupal platform and is a subscription based application that you simply pay a monthly fee to use. 


POS Features


Delivering more bang for your buck! WebPOS is the one stop shop for your online Ecommerce website and physical shop. WebPOS delivers a wide range of features that make a compelling business case for any online operator looking to minimise the overhead of running dual systems.

  • One Database for your business information
  • Web Based POS - Available anywhere
  • Flexible Price Policies
  • Secure


POS Features
Help Your Business

Help Your Business

Simplify the Process

Let the team at Koda remove the complexity associated with running both an ecommerce and physical store, combine the core functionality into a single system:

  • Product management
  • Stock Management
  • Price Management
  • Invoicing
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Accounting