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Drupal 8 - Does your Wordpress Agency know about it?

Wordpress v Drupal, we read this so often. "Wordpress is so easy as it doesn't require technical knowledge, Drupal is not for beginners", Drupal 7 that was. With Drupal releasing version 8, all this has changed.

For us, having clients come to us with experience from the so called "easy to use" systems can be a good thing, as most want to move up a level having learnt the limitations of basic systems.

"Ease of use" systems are touted as the most popular CMS's, with the main selling point of "no coding knowledge required". Unfortunately that is where it ends, considered okay for less complex requirements, once custom developments are needed, the benefits completely change and costs blow sky high.

Luckily things have changed. Drupal 8 now provides you with the ability to cusomise your website with "Easy to Use" editing tools and in addition still provides us with the ability to deliver outstanding solutions to complex business problems relatively easily,

Drupal vs Wordpress

Infographic demonstrates the price difference at different stages for Wordpress, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. (adopted from Symmetri).


The pathway to systems that are "easy to use" traditionally starts through creative design and digital advertising agencies. You get built a nice looking online brochure site, then dumped with the  "easy to use" CMS. Great for the creative graphic design or digital agency who can then bill you with high development costs for the extra functionality. Or worse, get stuck and have to tell you to restart on a new platform if they are going to deliver your required functionality.

The good news is Drupal 8 saves those now starting out or restarting. It is now the "easy to use" future proof CMS. It includes features such as drag and drop, multilingual ready, no requirement to know code and offers a functionally feature-rich platform; if you want extra webforms just point and click.

And this means Drupal 8 is also the starting CMS platform that many graphic design and digital agencies are now quickly adopting to provide good looking sites and from blowing costs with custom developments.


The chart is a comparison of Wordpress, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 - (adopted from Seek Naunce ).


Five top Drupal 8 sites:

- Harvard University-

- Arsenal -

- Mattel Inc -

- Redback Boots -

- Lady Gaga -


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