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" Working alongside Koda on various projects was both easy and seamless, making the whole experience enjoyable! Koda are understanding, patient and know their clients "

"I would like to thank the Koda web team and especially Simon Jones for his caring and professional approach when redeveloping our business website."

" Koda Web acted as a real partner, not only through to the launch of our website but in the following months and they continue to do so. "

"Quick and easy process from start to finish.  The team at Koda listened to us and delivered a website that met our brand guidelines and exceeded our expectations.  We are really happy with the result."

" The crew is super easy to deal with throughout the whole process and delivered everything as they said they would. "

How do I update my site? :(

As a web developer, I find Drupal (a CMS platform) to be easy to work with. I can easily tailor the site to my client's needs be it a personal blog or a high traffic eCommerce site. I can customise the checkout process, manipulate page listings, add conditions and rules all quite easily but the thing I find that most developers overlook is how user friendly the back-end is for their client to use.

In my early days as a web developer, I noticed that many clients simply wouldn't update content themselves... Not because they were lazy but because they were unfamilar with Drupal and the back-end simply perplexed them. I would get a few calls from clients who simply wanted to add a new product to their site or move content to a different position on the page. I believe that clients should be able to use their website (a product which they have paid for) with ease.

Usability is very important nowadays but why should we only focus on the front-end? The back-end should also take importance. Here at Koda, we focus not only on tailoring the front-end but also the back-end interface based on the needs of the client. We ask questions about what our clients would like to do on a regular basis.

Things like:

  • Would they like to check stock levels for their products regularly?
  • Which eCommerce reports would they use on a regular basis?
  • Which kind of content would they be updating frequently?
  • How would they like to track order status updates?

We then tailor the admin interface based on their feedback. We try to take a holistic approach when it comes to our projects in order to make all aspects of the site build successful. What would you like to see in the back-end of a CMS? Feel free to share your ideas! :)

Arshiya Ali

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