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Web Design

Your new website design is the most important component of your new project. The graphic design of the website coupled with the user experience (how the user can interact with your site) will be the defining factors that will determine the success or failure of the site.

At Koda, we pay particular attention to the design and user experience of the new site, every design we produce is custom, we don't use templates. For complex interactions on the website we generate wireframes so we can step through the website navigation prior to build.

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Optimising your website for display and use on all devices

No templates, each design is customised to your specific needs

The way visitors interact with your website is a key consideration

Translating a great design into a fully functional website

The underlying foundation of your website

How do I make an informed choice on my design partner?

Insight into our Auckland based team's approach and skillset

Developing websites that are optimised for people with disability

Like all things, over time online brands become dated unless you actively work to keep them current.

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